Jeff Herr

Musician, Drummer, Composer...

Musician, Drummer, Composer...



Tele-Port! is a brand new, multi talented and highly energetic quartet. The band is composed of leading figures in the Luxembourg jazz scene (namely bassist Pol Belardi, keyboardist Jérôme Klein and drummer Jeff Herr) joining forces with Zhenya Strigalev, an adventurous Russian saxophonist, who also has been a mainstay on the London jazz scene for the last decade. The concept of our original music can be defined as a distillation of carefully chosen ingredients coming as much from the heart of Europe (with its romance, wisdom and patience), the United States (with their jazz history), and Eastern influences (with their own rich traditions)! The result is an excitingly modern take on Jazz. One might imagine it as a sonic creature with a European head, American feet and a ticket to board the plane that starts the journey to find its ever shapeshifting body. The compositions unfold in various directions, teleporting the listener to a multitude of places, owing to the fact that every band member is also an accomplished composer, bringing their own personal skills to bare. From careful minimalism, via groove-driven chants to completely improvised energetic supernovas…we are true to our name and will transport you to manifold realms! Our music will excite you as much as the musicians and provide an unmatched and colourful live experience!

A first Opus simply called ‘Tele-Port’ is going to be released in November 2019 on Double Moon/Challenge Records.


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